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Printers and Peripherals Easy Fixes

If your printer or other peripheral is not working properly try a few things before you ditch it.

First, try the off button (press it once. Then, press and hold it). If that doesn’t work, try unplugging it for at least 20 seconds.

After that make sure you have printer ink. If not, replace the printer cartridges. HINT: You can get credit at Staples for returning your printer cartridges no matter where you originally bought them from, or what brand they might be.

Restart your computer (PC, Laptop or Mac).

Without going into a detailed explanation about software issues, the next thing to do is to update your computer software (PC, Laptop or Mac). This will enable the computer to find the correct drivers for the printer or peripheral. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while doing this update. You can also drop on by a local Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Apple Store, or any other electronics store and get a copy of the software update yourself (without an internet connection).

Replacing the external device (printer, keyboard, camera, mouse, external hard drive, a wireless accessory, or other) is the final step if any of the above options don’t work out.

That’s about it! Happy Hardware-ing!

Greenify Android App

This is an Android app that I really enjoy! It’s labeled as a battery saver, but it saves so much more! It closes apps that you have selected automatically after pressing the ZZZ button on the top right. You add apps by pressing the “+” button on the bottom right. Also, with the plus button, you can ignore apps that you don’t mind running at all. After that, they won’t show up in the snooze list, until you add them again. It is perfect! It saves battery life, Memory/RAM and Network speed (as many apps use an exorbitant amount of data). Click the image below to go to the Google play store for Greenify!

F-Secure is the best browser filter out there! Believe me! I’ve tested Adblock plus, adblock, HTML blockers… the gamut. There’s none other than F-Secure. Click the image below to go to the software download page:

Some things that I study (new tech news):

Android Safety Basics

There are a lot of times when I’m using my android phone when popup ads take over my screen. These security measures will ensure that MOST, but NOT ALL, of those popups, stay away.


Buy your software on your android. If there is an option to purchase the software, then do it. These app developers, who create the apps, need to get paid somehow. They either get paid through people clicking on the ads, or by people buying the full, or pro, version of the app. If you don’t want ads, buy the full/pro version. Also, most apps that are free sell your user data to companies that learn how to better advertise to you, and society as a whole. They need money. If we get it for “free” then we are simply selling our data and/or buying other apps through their continuing advertisements.

And Second:

Download a couple security programs that I personally run on my phone to keep it safe. I use Malwarebytes and BitDefender. That’s all I use. I don’t download a bunch of “free” music, games, torrents, facebook games, free videos, strange programs… etc. By default, your Android device won’t allow for 3rd party apps to be added to your phone. That’s a great thing! I let Malwarebytes run at every startup. I have BitDefender run all the time.

I make DVD’s!!!

Recently (over the past year) I’ve been making videos for friends and family. I’ve done 3 funerals and one mix DVD with a few youtube videos that my friend likes. I burn them on DVD’s using Adobe CS5.5 Software. It’s really fun for me! I just bought a new DVD burner and reader for my computer, because my previous one was kinda old. I have yet to install the DVD ROM Drive. I will soon because I have that Youtube Mix DVD project to work on. Below are some videos that I made. One is for my Grandpa on my Mother’s side. I made it for his funeral. There is a video I did for my brother Jacob, and an Audio file of my Grandma’s Funeral Services that I edited. I also made a video for a friend’ funeral.

My Grandpa’s Funeral Video from 2013 shown in the main lobby of the church entrance.

This is a video that I did for my Brother’s Eagle Scout Ceremony where he received his certificate!

Below is the Video I edited for my Grandma’s Funeral services.

A funeral video I did for my friend Ron Allred.

The best password manager around!

For Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is called LastPass.

You can get it for Google Chrome Browser Here.

And you can get it for the Mozilla Firefox Browser Here.

I use it all the time! It’s the best and has really good security. It never gets hacked! Plus you can use it to generate crazy, good passwords. I never browse the web without it.


Computer Parts are fascinating to me! (get new RAM)

File Transfer from Android devices to your Mac:

Android devices don’t come with the software to transfer files to your Mac automatically. They require a Google program called “Android File Transfer.” To be able to get any files off of your Android Device and put them on your Mac, you’ll need this program. It’s non-intrusive and very small. It’ll automatically boot up when you plug your Android device into the USB port (as long as you’re using a data connection cord).

Click the photo below to get the program:


Parental Controls on Google Chrome

Billions of people have kids under the age of 18… We want to protect them from harmful material online. A good way to do this is to add the parental control extension for chrome called “Blocksi” It’s an easy way to watch over your kids without being there. It doesn’t allow the extension to be deleted without a password. I think this feature is awesome! It blocks websites based on category. You can also hide any of the extensions from being seen by right-clicking on the icon where the extension shows up on the top right-hand corner of Google Chrome and pressing “hide.” Click on the photo below to download Blocksi. It’s a great program!


Popup Blockers

You need an add-on for your popup blocking needs. Most web browsers come with their built-in popup blocker, but having your own is needed because on some websites they find a way around your built in one. If you are using Mozilla Firefox go here:


If you are using Google Chrome, I would use both of these:




Google Drive Backup

You should have Google Drive as a backup for your system. Storage is cheap, and you can get it as a yearly, or monthly plan. It’s great!

Click the image below to download Google Drive to your system!


Backup all your music to stream on your phone, tablet or via the web.

Music is great to listen to. My favorite is Techno, yours may differ, but everyone loves music of some type! Keep your music ready to stream on your phone, tablet, or PC. Use this music backup software from Google to do just that! Its’ called Google Play Music and it’ll save your music listening life! You can download using a wifi connection, so you don’t need to use up all your data, then listen to it without using your data connection! I love this feature!

Just click on the image below to go to the music manager – sign in with your Google account, and listen on!!!


If you’re not backing up your photos with Google, you need to

Use google photo backup to save all your photos in a nifty online location. No need to worry about your photos disappearing if your computer crashes. Unlimited backup with certain photo sizes.

Click on the photo below to get your version of Google backup software!


Windows 10 tips and tricks

I love windows 10! I’d say it’s the best Windows version yet. It allows you to switch to tablet mode easily, from the menu on the right, it listens to your commands and questions with Cortana™ and it’s really easy to find things in the search menu. Click the link below for more tips and tricks on Windows 10!


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Software

I put this program on every computer I check up on! It’s really good at finding malware that is usually downloaded from bad gaming sites. Be careful out there, but when you need to clean up your computer, this is a great program to use.

Click the image below to download the free version. I would recommend buying the yearly subscription for $24.95. It’s well worth it. Buying the pro version enables you to scan on a schedule and has lots of other features that you need.

New-MBAM-logo-blue bg

Everyone Needs Adobe’s PDF Reader

To get Adobe Acrobat go here:

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader Download

Removing Windows Genuine Advantage notifications and annoyances:

to remove the annoyances with Windows XP simply install “RemoveWGA” from this link. Run it and press “Disable WGA”

For Windows 7 – they’ve gotten trickier. To disable Windows Genuine Advantage for this go to the start menu and type in “command prompt,” right-click it, then click “run as administrator.” Start typing “slmgr -rearm” That’s SLMGR -(space, then a dash) REARM (no space between the dash and REARM, but a space between the SLMGR and the dash). You can simply right click copy and right click then paste this         SLMGR -REARM         in the command line.

I haven’t found one for Windows 8.1 yet.

All Around Safety for kids and everyone else:

1: Make your kids an account on Windows that is NOT an administrator.

2: In your account on Windows, download only those programs that you wish the rest of the family to use also.

3: Install Google Chrome and make it your default browser.

4: Install Web Of Trust (WOT) for Chrome.

5: Install Adblock and Adblock Plus for Chrome.

6: Install OpenDNS for your router (Parental Controls for your whole house). Follow the instructions and presto! No more bad sites on the internet. You’ll need your router’s IP Address found on the back of your router. Enter that set of numbers and periods in your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer). Enter it in the address bar. After that follow the instructions on the Open DNS website.

7: Download Microsoft Security Essentials. A free virus scanning program. Make sure that you set the program to scan at least once a week when you know the computer will be on. Maybe on a Sunday or Monday night. Plan on keeping the computer on all night for the scan to complete. It will update automatically with new information on how to stop the latest viruses.

This project only took a little while to finish.

I had to first make sure that there wasn’t a lot of items starting up by putting MSCONFIG in the search bar of the Windows start menu and pressing Enter. After that, I picked and chose which programs were critical in keeping vs. those that were not. I whittled away at it, searching online for the items that needed to be kept. After that, I downloaded and used the program found below called CCleaner. With this program, I was able to free up a lot of RAM (Memory) from being used constantly. I then added Web of  Trust and Ad Block Plus to the web browsers (both Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome) After that, I thought that I’d give his computer a facelift by changing his desktop photo to his favorite team:

Broncos Custom desktop

I also made him a custom theme on Google Chrome (Web Browser) – be prepared to receive the same customer service excellence with everything I do.

Broncos Custom Chrome

Here is his computer an Acer from 2011 with Windows 7:



For my latest Project, I set up a new computer for a friend in Mesa, AZ.

I had a lot of spare computer parts, and I gave most of the essentials to him. It took me approx. 12 hours to complete the project. I wish that I took photos, because it took some mad skills to take apart three computers, and fit them into one, newer, computer. The process after Hardware Installation was easy. After the Hardware was working enough, I put in the Windows XP. Then He needed a Network Card. There was one around, but it wasn’t working with a more up to date system. We then downloaded some Drivers for the new and old hardware. Voila!!! It worked! Some help from his neighbor got things going as well… Thanks, Friends!!! It was good to get my hands dirty in hardware again!!!

Old, Old Computer Parts:



I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this before.

It’s called Web Of Trust. It is the single most important piece of software that you can add to your web browser to make your surfing safer. It takes ratings from websites from around the world and people that rate them. They are compiled into a database, and when you use the software you get a rating when you visit a site. It is non-intrusive until you visit a site that has a very bad rating. I rarely run across those sites, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Click the image below to go to the website and download your version of WOT:


If you have Google Chrome installed, or Mozilla Firefox I would recommend two types of ad blocking programs.

The ad blocking programs do way more than simply block pop-ups. They block items that are embedded into the HTML of the pages themselves. For safer surfing, I would absolutely put these programs into your browser’s extensions. They are Adblock and Adblock Plus. They don’t take up much memory and have a low profile in your browser.

For Google Chrome click the images below. For Mozilla Firefox click this link: Adblock Plus

This is the link for Adblock Plus with Google Chrome:


This is the link for the regular Adblock with Google Chrome:


For audio recording projects, I use audacity.

It’s a simple, but powerful program for recording and editing all sorts of audio. I have used it to create my own ringtones, add sound effects to a video, or any other creative thing that you can do with audio. I personally haven’t dived into the full effects that are possible with Audacity, but they are there. I use the website to find the sounds that I like. I import them into Audacity, then I edit them to taste. Have fun with this one!

Click the image below to download your version of Audacity:


If you have multiple Facebook accounts

+ other accounts for social networking, as I do, this website does a wonderful job of combining them all. You can add your own status update and post them on any social network.

Click the image below to go to Hootsuite:


Embedded codes are small pieces of code that can be posted on the internet.

Anyone can obtain these from lots of different websites. Below is the definition of an embedded code from Wikipedia, “In computing, a web widget (or embedded code) is a software widget for the web. It’s a small application with limited functionality that can be installed and executed within a web page by a user. An embedded code has the role of a transient or auxiliary application, meaning that it just occupies a portion of a webpage and does something useful with information fetched from other websites and displayed in place. Other terms used to describe embedded codes include portlet, web part, gadget, badge, module, webjit, capsule, snippet, mini, flake, and web widget. Embedded codes are typically created in DHTML (Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language), JavaScript, or Adobe Flash.

“Embedded codes often take the form of on-screen device (clocks, event countdowns, auction-tickers, stock market tickers, flight arrival information, daily weather etc.).”

I will attach a code here – with spaces, so that the code is shown. In the actual code there will be no spaces between words:
<i frame w idth=”560″ h eight=”315″ src=”h ttp://www.y″ f rameborder=”0″ a llowfullscreen></i frame>

This is the result of one of my favorite videos on YouTube in an embedded format. You won’t be able to see the code, but you will instead see the video. This is the code, as seen above, without the spaces:

This is an illustration of how you would take the embedded code from YouTube and put it on your blog or website. Follow the steps 1 to 3 then place the code into a text box (HTML, custom text, or code field).
1st you click, “Share.” 2nd you click, “Embed.” 3rd you click in the box with the highlighted code. Press CTRL and the letter, “C” together without letting go of the CTRL button. That copies the code into your computers hard drive. Go to your own blog, and paste the code into the text field (HTML, custom text, or code field) of your blog, by pressing CTRL then the letter, “V” together, without letting go of the CTRL button. On a MAC press Apple then the letter, “C” for copying the text, then press Apple and the letter, “V” to paste the text.
Happy Blogging!!! 🙂
Click the image below to enlarge it for a more reasonable size to read:

For those of you who are tired of phone bills,

try Gmail! All you need to do is make an account at You’ll need to download the voice and video chat extension here After that, you can simply make calls directly from your Gmail inbox page! Just press “Call phone” as indicated in the photo below 🙂

Click the image below to create your account for Gmail:


A great place to shop for cheap, good and new or used computer parts

is Here you can find anything from whole computers to RAM to accessories. I’ve shopped here many times for my clients who didn’t mind waiting for shipping times.

Click the photo below to go to Geeks for the best price and quality for computer parts:


For those of you who are artistically inclined,

this program is comparable to Adobe Photoshop. It’s called GIMP. It is a very powerful photo editing program. It is open-source softwares, so you get all of its functionality for free! There are a lot of other Programs that work under the creative commons (free and user submitted programs) license, or GPL (General Public License). You can find a list of them here.

Click the image below to download your version of GIMP Photo Editor:


Essentials for basic, free programs in computer management, web browsing, and office productivity.

C. Cleaner

This program cleans up your computer and helps it run faster. It gets rid of cache, and temporary files stored and using up memory on your computer. Simply install and run the software, then press “Run.” Simply click the image below to download the program.


Adobe Flash Player

(browse the internet with ease)


Open Office (free office productivity software).

A great resource for powerful office applications! It is compatible with most Microsoft Office programs (when saved in a format that is able to be read by Office). It is an all-encompassing office suite, that does the job superbly!

   Open Office

If you would like a tablet

that is competitive enough to butt heads with the Amazon Kindle and is as easy enough to use as a regular smartphone than the Google Nexus 7 is for you! It has all the storage you need to hold all of your favorite photos and videos, it is all google so you get over 2 million apps at your fingertips, that comes with Google+ (a social network like Facebook), Maps, Gmail, Google Chrome, and YouTube. It’s fast and affordable! The price range is from $199.00 to $299.00. It comes with an NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor (really fast!) and a data plan subscription from AT&T for an everywhere connection to the internet. As the name suggests, it has a 7-inch screen. It’s the lightest tablet of its size as well. Backups are automatic, so you will never lose your data. A little-known fact about most tablets is that you can add the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and other popular reading platforms to them. You can do that on this tablet. The possibilities are endless with this awesome device! You can only buy it online. It is not found in stores.

Click the image below for the latest in Google Nexus tablets:

Nexus 7

Happy New Year!!!


I am a fan of Linux operating systems

and have installed many of them. I have found this one to be the best of Linux. It’s called Linux Mint. The latest version is version 14.1, Nadia. You can go here to download Linux Mint. It is easy to use and mimics the interface of Windows XP, Vista or 7. The best thing about Linux software is that it’s free. You’ll need an iso-burner to burn this to a CD or DVD as well so that you can install it. The install process is easy and only takes an hour or so. It can be installed alongside whatever other operating systems you have, so no need to lose all of your data.

Click the image below to download Linux Mint:

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 4.39.59 PM.png

For a nice windows 8 tutorial click the image below

or copy and paste this into your browsers address bar. Windows 8 ranges from $50 to $180. This is much less expensive than the previous versions of Windows. It is very easy to use and takes simple intuition to figure out. I wouldn’t put this version of Windows past Microsoft. It is a genius.


Make sure that you either purchase or obtain the free versions of these Security Softwares.

It is very important to keep your virus software running and up to date. There are versions of security software for whatever type of operating system you are running (Windows, Mac, Linux… Etc.)

Click the image below for the latest in Security Software:


For a good web browsing experience,

I would use Google Chrome. It is fast and easy to operate. You can find your version here.

Click the image below to find your version of the Google Chrome Browser:


Credits: Amazon Kindle, Facebook, GoogleNVIDIA®Tegra®AT&T, Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Creative Commons